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A Little About Me

As a certified functional nutritionist accredited by both the Nutrition Therapy Association and the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners (AFDN), I specialize in assisting high-achieving women dealing with chronic digestive issues. I've completed advanced training such as Dr. Allison Siebecker's SIBO Pro Course, Dr. Ami Kapadia's SIFO training for practitioners, Dr. Clayton and Dr. Christensen's Mold Detox Diet course for practitioners, and pursued post-graduate studies in Chinese herbal medicine at the White Pine Institute. I have also completed advanced training through the AFDN and work as a clinical advisor for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Additionally, I am a Licensed Bodywork Therapist and hold a Master’s Degree in Japan Studies from the University of Washington. Prior to transitioning to functional medicine, I worked as a Geological Engineer and served as a Foreign Affairs Analyst for the Department of Defense.

Having lived, worked, and studied in Tokyo for three years, I first encountered the transformative impact of Chinese medicine and nutrition. My journey as a competitive swimmer, including rowing with the UW-Madison Lightweight Crew Team and participating in triathlons, instilled in me a deep understanding of physical health and wellness.

Following college, my persistent gastrointestinal issues, unresolved by conventional medicine, led me to explore alternative approaches. My firsthand experience of the efficacy of Chinese medicine during my time in Japan, coupled with the limitations of traditional medical treatments, fueled my dedication to helping others grappling with chronic gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions.

Courtney Cowie
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A whole foods anti-inflammatory diet is helpful for managing the symptoms of IBS and IBD
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Why I became a functional nutritionist

My story begins with chronic tummy aches as a kid.  The kind where I would come home from school and need to lay down on the couch with a pillow under my tummy for 30 minutes until I felt better. I was always healthy otherwise and played soccer and swam on swim team through high school, and then participated in rowing and triathlon in college.  I began having bouts of loose stool in my 20's and my first colonoscopy at the age of 29 left me with "nothing wrong" except an IBS-D diagnosis.  I began to educate myself.  I changed my diet. Despite that, I remained on the rollercoaster of struggle and, several years after my IBS-D diagnosis, I received a second diagnosis of microscopic colitis.  I had officially entered the land of autoimmune disease.  Disheartened but emboldened to get to the root of what was going on, I began to see a steady stream of both conventional GI docs, as well as functional practitioners.  Some were able to connect a few dots, but otherwise, I was left to put the pieces together myself. This ultimately led to me take matters into my own hands, complete two functional nutrition certifications (NTP and FDN-P), and learn the skills I finally needed to help myself. And this is only the short version of my story!  My relentless pursuit of knowledge to get to the bottom of everything contributing to my health challenges became the launching pad for me to help others going through similar struggles.  I want to save you the time, the incredible frustration, and the mistakes and wrong thinking that held me back for years before I saw progress. I am here for you to offer my personal experience and understanding, my deep knowledge and training in functional medicine, and my coaching skills to help you finally get better!

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I believe...

No two people have the same root triggers or hidden stressors contributing to their symptoms or diagnosis.

Foods that work well for one person's digestive system completely disrupt another's. Everyone has unique nutritional needs.

There is always more than meets the eye to what's going on with your health.  It's important to test, not guess.

Chronic symptoms are a gift in disguise (although they don't seem like it!).  They give you an "early warning" signal that something is very wrong - and not just with your physical body - but also with your spiritual, mental and emotional body.

It is possible to support the body back to health through proper diet, lifestyle changes, identifying hidden physical stressors and addressing them, and exploring energetic and emotional memories stored in the body's tissues and resolving these blocks.

Work With Me


Online Program to Restore Gut Health

A self-guided online program for resolving the symptoms of IBS and IBD through a functional nutrition framework. 

One-on-One Nutrition Therapy

A thorough investigation of the physiological, lifestyle, and mindset factors that are preventing you from resolving your IBS or IBD symptoms.

Group Nutrition Coaching

Learn the key steps to regain your gut health within a supportive group coaching context.


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