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Functional Nutrition Therapy with Courtney Cowie, LBT, NTP, FDN-P


You deserve vibrant health! 
Let's discover the hidden stressors that are keeping you from achieving your optimal health!

Functional nutrition includes performing a thorough investigation of your health history, assessing your unique lifestyle and mindset factors, as well as conducting lab testing to identify the hidden stressors contributing to your symptoms and health challenges.  This is a process of uncovering what's really going on beneath the surface of your health struggles and developing a plan to allow your body to regain health on its own through the right nutritional and lifestyle support.

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Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork therapy is a specialized form of massage therapy that combines targeted soft tissue work with acupressure and Chinese medicine based tools such as cupping and moxibustion to provide lasting pain relief.  


Tame Your Gut Signature Process

I use nutrition therapy and functional lab testing to do a thorough investigation of the physiological, lifestyle, and mindset factors that are preventing you from regaining your health.  The focus of my work is on finding the best nutritional approach for you to help calm down gut symptoms and support the body to do its own healing, while using lab work to identify the hidden stressors keeping you sick. I then create a plan customized to your specific challenges and help coach you through the process of regaining your health.

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Group coaching

Autoimmune Reset Group Program

Group coaching allows you to gain access to all of the support I have to offer while optimizing your investment in nutrition therapy services.  It may or may not include functional lab testing, but provides the opportunity to receive the support of a small group of individuals who are on the same health journey you are, while learning the key steps to regain your health within a supportive group coaching context.


Success Stories

"A couple of years ago, I started having very bad heartburn. My gastroenterologist prescribed acid reducing medications, but nothing seemed to help the constant heartburn. I came in to Courtney for a consultation. I can't tell you how happy I am that I gave Courtney a chance as I have had little to no heartburn after adding these supplements to my diet."